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Episode 245 - Finding Sexy Things w/ Misty Boyce

November 19th, 2014


Misty Boyce stops by for an in-studio and chats with the guys about environmentalism, body image and how to humorously assert yourself without actually being assertive.

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Episode 243 - Bird Proof Planes w/ Dreamers

November 13th, 2014


Nick and Nelson of Dreamers stop by for an in-studio performance and chat with the guys about death, merchandising and how to defend yourself against nonconsensual downloading.

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Episode 242 - The Source of the Tingle w/ Cultfever

November 7th, 2014


Cultfever stops by to play their new single Gloria and chat with the guys about how much they've missed them and celebrities that they wouldn't want to see having sex. Later on the Adam and Vance discuss how to alienate all of your friends and accidentally get nominated for a Grammy.

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Episode 241 - Broad Strokes w/ Loose Buttons

October 30th, 2014


Loose Buttons stops by for in a in-studio performance and chat with the guys about effects pedal maintenance, massage parlor etiquette and why trying too hard in an empty room is just plain awkward.

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Episode 240 - New-school Freewheelin’ w/ Juka

October 22nd, 2014

The folks from Juka stops by for an in-studio performance and chat with the guys about higher education, Hungarian grandmas and why they're not afraid of ISIS giving them Ebola.

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Episode 239 - The Prince of Bushwick w/ Joe Cocozzello

October 15th, 2014


Our old pal Joe Cocozzello sits in for Vance this week. The guys chat about Joe's slightly unpredictable behavior, creative ways to get Viagra and their conflicting views on yoga pants.

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Episode 238 - Thanks for the Mammories w/ Cavalier

October 8th, 2014


Cavalier stops by for an in-studio performance and chats with the guys about punctuality in the hip hop community, Vance's first two weeks of marriage and hypothetical arguments with fabricated girlfriends.

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Episode 237 - Good Healthy Bummer w/ Wrongchilde

October 1st, 2014


Wrongchilde stops by for an in-studio performance and chats with the guys about using people as furniture, acquiring a taste for sardines and being so high that you're not sure what season it is.

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Episode 236 - Runnin’ on Empty w/ Marc Scibilia

September 24th, 2014


Marc Scibilia stops by, plays some original tunes and chats with guys about his recent trip to Africa, how frequently he runs out of gas and declines to comment on what it's like to date a Miss America contestant. Vance recalls his recent encounter with Laura Bush and how he was a possible accomplice in a presidential practical joke.

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Episode 235 - Bathroom Justice

September 10th, 2014


No guest this week. The guys discuss headline porn, vigilante justice and Vance's final thoughts before being made an honest man. Featuring music by Rob SonicLeisure Cruise and Slothrust.

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