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Episode 269 - Heavy Mellow w/ Sugar & The Hi-Lows

June 27th, 2015


Sugar & The Hi-Lows stop by for an in-studio and chat with the guys about the band's conception, the influx of musicians in Nashville and how to come out of the country closet. Later Adam and Vance talk about hangover remedies, their lack of physical conditioning and Adam ambushes his girlfriends parents.

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Episode 268 - Quick ‘n Dirty w/ Patrick McGrath

June 19th, 2015


Patrick McGrath stops by for an in-studio and chats with he guys about making fake IDs, adult themes in cartoons and why eighty percent of Americans need more storage.

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Episode 267 - Not Without Incedent w/ Cultfever

June 11th, 2015


Cultfever and Junior Deputy Producer Jan Santos sit in for Vance. The gang talks about online dating discrepancies, how to be a Suicide Girl and potential advertising opportunities on the Deep Web.

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Episode 266 - Jacked Up on Jesus w/ The Buttress

June 5th, 2015


The Buttress stops by for an in-studio and chats with the guys about growing up in the Pentecostal church, impulsive decisions and the how to appropriately respond to a female  catcall.

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Episode 265 - Room to Rock w/ Ohnomoon

May 28th, 2015


Ohnomoon stops by for an in-studio and chats with the guys about carb-loading, future female presidents and Vance's various physical ailments.

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Episode 264 - Finishing School w/ Josh DST

May 21st, 2015


Josh DST stops by for an in-studio and chats with the guys about their mutual admiration for John Stamos, little pops of color and how to treat a lady that you've met more than once.

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Episode 263 - Japanese Lunch Line w/ Samurai Banana and Duncecap

May 15th, 2015


Samurai Banana and Duncecap of We Are the Karma Kids stop by. The guys talk about music they won't apologize for listening to, how complicated brains are and why gods don't just come down and hang out anymore.

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Episode 262 - Layin’ Rubber w/ Seryn

May 7th, 2015


Seryn stops by for an in-studio and chats with the guys about punching sandwiches, replacing auto glass and the appropriate age for a young man to be taken advantage of by a babysitter.

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Episode 261 - Take the Twerk Back

April 30th, 2015


The guys' pal Jan Santos stops by to debut he and Adam's new hardcore rap collaboration Milk Money. The gang talks twerk evolution, public indecency and how to know who is and is not a "bad bitch". Featuring music by Milk Money, Wesley Willis and Don't Stop or We'll Die.

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Episode 260 - Bonehead on Bozo

April 12th, 2015


No guest this week. Adam has a physical altercation with a drunken vagrant and Vance learns to hate himself slightly less. Featuring music by The Landing, Murs and Sly Moth.

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